Metal Mag Reviews-“Eternal Wish”

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Blue Midnight : “Eternal Wish” CD & Digital Self Release.

USA Melodic Rock / Symphonic Metal. Justine the singer wanted to make a band that sends a peaceful message and peaceful sense like a dream. The violin helps a lot to bring that feeling added with the keyboard parts. Difficult to put into a box, they have compositions that can be attracted by any people with different musical background and could be aired easily on the radio.

The second song “addicted’ is a good example of how a band can make a hit single to simply get anyone addicted by their compositions. Melodies,soft parts mixed with heavy ones you can relate to what Justine says : ‘Dream music‘ . Great solos with those blues scales giving to this formation another dimension with a multitude of inspiration. They could at some point joins the ‘pop‘ charts with all those bands we can hear on Tv.