Blue Midnight is a “Dream Metal” band based out of Los Angeles, CA, founded by lead singer/songwriter, Justine. Justine has always loved traditional rock music, but when she formed Blue Midnight, she wanted to create a band that featured both heavy elements and light/classical/orchestral elements. She wanted to combine the two sounds in a new way that was fresh, different, and emotional. She describes Blue Midnight’s style as “Dream Metal” because the music includes heavy distorted guitar, intense bass and hard-hitting drums while also featuring the contrasting sounds of light, ethereal, and operatic vocals with a dramatic string section. The band seeks to transport its live audience to a dream-like state of mind as fans enjoy this unique blend of sound.

The Band members include Justine Glaser (lead vocals), Todd McCool (rhythm guitar), Mike Hill (bass), Matt Hornbeck (lead guitar), Edgar Sandoval (violin) and David Allen (drums).

The band’s influences are: Nirvana, Bjork, Kate Bush, Korn, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Alanis Morrisette, Linkin Park, Portishead,  and Muse. There are also underlying influences of Beethoven and Danny Elfman.